Monthly Courage Chat Events

Join our Courage Chats virtual series! We unite women, girls, and equity allies to create connection, community, and to have real conversations that ignite transformative change.

Each month, we host virtual chats to highlight the stories of real women and provide a safe and fun environment for girls to unite with accomplished women who have been there and overcome barriers. 


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Empowerment Workshops

Request a free Empowerment Workshop at your school, campus, or league! 

Empowerment workshops can be held either virtually or in person. The workshop is typically a 90 minute personal growth session facilitated by our Founder Nicole Shaia that helps girls learn key confidence skills and gives them the tools they need to discover their athletic identity and design their own sports and fitness experience.


Empowerment workshops are perfect for team building, creating connection, and building true confidence skills. 

Inspiring Motivational Speakers

At Tharros, we believe that connective stories are a key element of learning how to navigate barriers.  

We provide guest speakers including our Founder Nicole Shaia and select Advisory Council Members on topics like Confidence & Courage, Resilience, Athletic Identity Development, and Youth Innovation. 

Through her own personal story and lived experience, Nicole shares an inspiring story about overcoming trauma and moving past life's barriers.

Request a speaker for your community today!


Passionate women, girls (age 10-19), and equity allies 


Industry leaders, athletes, and advocates for girls & women in sports.


Sharing real heartfelt stories and experiences to form strong and supportive connections.