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Confidence Academy 

The Confidence Academy is a digital community and knowledge and resource hub for coaches, educators, and parents. This learning community provides confidence tools, resources, and strategies that are geared towards improving the girls' sport experience. 

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Our Why


Did you know confidence levels start to drop for girls starting as early as age 8 by at least 40% for the average girl?


There is no mandatory crash course on how to navigate confidence challenges, particularly in spaces and places where we don’t see girls and women represented. 

In a recent survey we conducted, most parents reported Confidence Building as one of the top resources they needed for their daughter even when they're actively participating in sports or other after school activities. 


That’s where the Confidence Academy comes in. We often find that a girls’ experience with sport is varied.  The team culture and leadership can play a huge role in how a girl feels about staying in sport. Most training focuses on the technical side of sports. The goal of the Confidence Academy is to provide everyone that supports girls with the knowledge and resources they need to understand confidence challenges and how to help girls overcome them throughout the sports experience. 

How it Works 

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Fill out the registration form below! We'll review your request and reply within 1 week. 

Get access to free resources, introduce yourself, and connect with other community members

Learn, grow, connect, and apply what you've learned! 

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What you’ll get

  • Access to exclusive content and digital community platform

  • Tools and resources that will help you learn strategies that empower girls and increase their confidence

  • Engage and connect with likeminded parents, educators, and coaches who are all committed to helping girls become confident and bold leaders in sports and in life

  • Connect to authentic relationships and work towards change collectively

Who can join

Our primary audience is parents, educators, and coaches of girls between the ages of 8- 19. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about Confidence for Adolescent Girls and encourage them to join and learn.

I’m not a parent, educator, or coach. Can I still join? While this is our primary audience, we recognize there may be others who would benefit from this knowledge. Submit your information for consideration and we will be sure to let you know. If our goals align, you're good to do. What is the cost to get access to the Confidence Academy? The Confidence Academy is currently a free resource thanks to the generous support of our community. I want to contribute content and resources to share in the Confidence Academy. How can I do that? Contact us to learn more about our Content Guidelines. We will set up an introductory meeting to learn more about our shared goals and vision. What will I learn? You will learn from others and have access to content and resources that focus on: Gender equality Innovation Confidence Building Strategies Sport and Fitness Engagement Strategies for Girls

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Confidence Academy
*Launching in early January. Get on our early access list today!* 

Thanks for registering. We'll be in touch soon!

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