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Our Why

Empowering girls to become bold leaders that challenge the status quo in sports and in life. 

The Problem 


Girls are dropping out of sports at 2X the rate than boys do. Girls are missing out on all of the academic, economic, health, and social benefits that sports provides.


Today, girls struggle with their confidence, mental health, and their overall wellbeing. Sports and fitness can change that. But during adolescence, girls stop doing the very thing that could help them overcome their biggest struggles.

Our Pillars


Amplifying Voices

Expand girls' perspectives of what's possible through connective storytelling with role models.



Knowledge Sharing

We raise awareness and educate parents, schools, and coaches on trending challenges and actionable steps they can take to make a difference.




Lead with courage and innovation

Bring girls' voices to the table to co-create solutions together that break barriers and create real change. 


Join Our Community 

Girls at Recess
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