Our Why 

We believe in breaking barriers and challenging the status quo. 

The Problem 


In too many spaces and places, girls and women are left out of the conversation, not recognized, and are undervalued. As a result, they take on roles and identities that are influenced by life experiences and their surroundings instead of their own values and goals. They lose their confidence, worthiness, and sense of self. And they eventually become women who continue to doubt themselves and play it small. 

But what if things were different? What if girls had the courage and confidence to break barriers and challenge the status quo? 

The Solution 


Courageous Conversations

Expand girls' perspectives of what's possible through connective storytelling with role models.  


Confidence Coaching & Workshops 

Give girls access to confidence building tools and coaching that empowers them to grow. 


Innovation Leadership 

Bring girls' voices to the table to co-create solutions together that break barriers and create real change. 

Join Our Community 

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